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We want new suppliers.

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Last modified 04 Jan 2003

We are looking for the supplier of food materials.

Requirements of our supplier

We want new supplier about food materials as followings ...

Daily food materials

Food materials which we have bought in every day are meats, seafoods, and vegetables.
Food materials which we have bought in periodically are pasta, seasoning, and various liquors.
We are looking for the supplier bought in on better conditions in these.

Our restaurant is located in Yokohama, Japan.
We are waiting for the connection from the supplier near Yokohama or supplier which could send us the materials.

New food materialsWe are looking for a place of production who can wholesale food materials to our restaurant directly.
First of all, please tell us the contents of foods, and the outline of a price.
Other food materialsWe are waiting also for the informations of the foods and the special price which cannot go into a hand easily.


Applications and inquiries:


Office:Restaurant Bar "True Blue"
Office Address:4-12-1 Tsunashima-Nishi Kouhoku-Ku Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa-Ken, Japan
Office Phone, Office Fax:045-531-5556 (From Japan)
When you contact to us ...When you contact to us by telephone etc., please tell us in Japanese "I saw the articles about supplier of food materials in your site", first.


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