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Last modified 26 Dec 2004

With this report, We explain the history of the darts around True Blue, going back from present.

Our History was established. (2004)

"Traditinal Tournament" should have histories and charms with consistency. In that sense, that the history of the Andy 's Cup tournament was established at 2004.

All challengers of this tournament are always doing their best because it not only wins or enjoying itself but desire of "For the Tournament". This is assets of Andy's Cup, and that is a history and tradition.

And, the last tournament in Sister Shop was held in September, all following Andy's Cup has been held in True Blue. The chance of appearance to our website is only in True Blue.

Whole smiles from Andy's Cup #42

Whole smiles from "Andy's Cup #42"

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The 30th Andy's Cup was held. (in 2003)

Whole smiles from The Andy's Cup #30

Whole smiles from "The Andy's Cup #30"

While holding 30 conventions in our restaurant, the players which was a beginner in few years before are also improving technology to the higher class.
Of course, the visitors from the early times also improve own technics, and are hearing about the higher rank of the tournament.

With contention of "New generation" and "New outstanding players", in the last half of this year, "The strong player with non-crown" accomplished the first championship one after another.
The darts machines of True Blue increased to four sets, late in this year.

"Andy's Cup" is held in every months (in 2002)

The regular tournament was begun in "Heart Land", "Andy's Cup #7" are held in January of this year.

"Heart Land" which is the sister store of True Blue was opened in the previous year, i.e., July, 2001. And, the "opening commemoration tournament" of a Heart Land was held in September.
We waited until darts were liked by many visitors of Heart Land, and we've decided to start the regular darts tournament, at this time.

We are holding "Andy's Cup" a monthly final sunday. Holding place is Heart Land in odd months, and is True Blue in even months.

Whole smiles from Andy's Cup #14

Whole smiles from "Andy's Cup #14"

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Starting "Andy's Cup"  (in 2001)

Whole smiles from Andy's Cup #3

Whole smiles from "Andy's Cup #3"

At 2001, "holding of periodical darts tournaments" got off the ground, and the darts boom of True Blue's visitors was prospered suddenly. Moreover, the 1st tournament of this year was the memorable "The 1st Andy's Cup".

We held "Andy's Cup" 6 times till the end of the year. Henceforth, this convention was fixed to one of "the annual events" of True Blue.

Starting boom of darts (The last in the 20th century)

Before this year, True Blue was "the restaurant which can also do darts." However, from these days, high-level amateur players began to gather for an expert's Andy's circumference.

Incidentally, True Blue's web site was started in April, 2000. However, all the articles were written in Japanese.

Expert Andy got the championships. (April - December, 2000)
The expert "Andy" participated in the prominent darts tournaments, and has won the prize by the most of tournaments. One of them was "Loosy Goosy Tournament in Roppongi" on May 21, 2000, which was called "Japanese championship."
The splendid history of Andy becomes a trophy and a certificate of merit, and is decorated with the counter of True Blue.

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Starting darts in True Blue ... (The middle of the 20th century)

We begin to tread in "the historical world".

"Electronic darts" game machine was started to work. (around the April, 1999).

At last, "Electronic darts" came to True Blue. The motive of purchasing darts machine was recommendation from an acquaintance. Large activity of Andy was started at this moment.

A darts board was purchased and hard darts could be enjoyed in True Blue.(around the spring in 1997)

The darts board came to True Blue in a certain afternoon. This darts board seemed to be some prizes.

Of course, Andy was more absorbed than Yuuki-mama who brought darts board. The interest over the darts of Andy began certainly from these days.

True Blue opened. (October, 1995)

In a suburb of Yokohama-city, a Restaurant-Bar opened quietly. Although we served the lunch at the beginning of True Blue, Our business hours were from evening to the next morning like present.

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