More Smiles from Andy's Cup #69 !

2009/11/01 at True Blue

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Last modified 01 Nov 2009

In this tournament, enemy teams were outstanding.
We broadcast the commemorative tournament from True Blue !!

Smiles from Andy's Cup #69


Eiji-SAN (Team Figaro), Kazu-max-SAN (Team Ageha)

Mini interview to the winner.

"Congratulations. Please send the message to 5 billion readers in the world."

"I was able to win the ability of my partner! Thank you!! (Eiji-SAN; left side)

"I've updated the record of Ageha in True Blue!" (Kazu-max-SAN; right side)

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2nd Prize, 3rd Prize ...

2nd Prize: Kanji-SAN (Team True Blue)
Dai-chance-SAN (Team Honey's cafe)
3rd Prize: Boss-SAN (Team Bull Shit)
Mask-man-SAN (Team True Blue)

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More Smiles ...

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Whole Smiles from Andy's Cup 2009 #69


Andy's Cup #69, 2009/11/01 at True Blue

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