More Smiles from Andy's Cup #70 !

2010/01/17 at True Blue

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Last modified 17 Jan 2010

In Japan, 70 years old person are called Koki. What will 70 times of the tournament be called?
We broadcast this from TrueBlue.

Smiles from Andy's Cup #70


Dai-G-SAN (Team True Blue), Leiji-SAN (Team Bull-Shit)

Mini interview to the winner.

"Congratulations. Please send the message to 5 billion readers in the world."

"Toshi-KUN, could you play darts with us in the future?" (Dai-G-SAN; left side)

"I won this tournament with my power of the voice!" (Leiji-SAN; right side)

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2nd Prize, 3rd Prize ...

2nd Prize: Hira-G-SAN (Team True Blue)
Toshi-SAN (Team True Blue)
3rd Prize: No pertinence on this time. ...(^^;;

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More Smiles ...

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Whole Smiles from Andy's Cup 2009 #70


Andy's Cup #70, 2010/01/17 at True Blue

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