Welcome to "TrueBlue-Yokohama.com"

Welcome to "TrueBlue-Yokohama.com".
"True Blue" is the "Restaurant Bar" in Yokohama, Japan.
We introduce "True Blue" to you on this site.

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Last modified 23 Feb, 2020

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WHAT'S HOT?  <Latest Informations>

  • Welcome to "TrueBlue-Yokohama.com".
    "True Blue" is the "Restaurant Bar" in Yokohama, Japan. "True Blue" is open from the everyday evening until the next early morning
    We introduce "True Blue" to you on this site. This site is always open without any holidays.
    Please enjoy this site. Thank you very much.

  • We are always ...
    We are always waiting for the day when you visit Japan and you drop in our restaurant.
    If especially you are near Yokohama supposing you live in Japan, we believe that we can meet in the near future.

  • Articles of this site are ...
    The some articles are described only in Japanese, for the present.
    However, you can feel the atmosphere of the restaurant from many many smiles in the photographs, even if you couldn't read any Japanese sentences.
Menu  <Our favorites>

We introduce about the various characteristics, persons and locations of True Blue.

Foods and Drinks
You can show all menus in the menu book of True Blue.
Staffs Greetings
The members of True Blue are introducing themselves.
And our graduates.
The way to True Blue
We open our restaurant, from 6 p.m. at night until 6 a.m. in next morning, all of the year.
Smiles from The Andy's Cup.  <Dart Games>      Darts' Site !  

Dart game is most popular board game in Japan, now.
The guests of True Blue are the hottest darts players in Yokohama.

Smiles from The Andy's Cup 2007 - (#55 - )    (Updated on 23 Feb, 2020)  
We hold darts convention in True Blue, every month. The state of the convention is on it with this article.
Darts History at True Blue  
This is the textbook of the history about TrueBlue and the darts.
about Dart Games  [Japanese Pages]
"Countup", "501", "Clicket game" There are various variations in the rule of the dart games.
Articles  <Wednesday Interview>      Articles' Site !  [written in Japanese]

In this item, we introduce you the reports of interview.
The staffs of True Blue have appeared in these reports.

True Blue Wednesday Interview  [Japanese Pages]
 (from No. 1 to No. 9)
The author of this site has tried the interview to the staff of True Blue.
Could you show the real intention of the staffs?
Extra essays "Here will come one more restaurant, at once !!"  [Japanese Pages] 
(16 volumes are concluded!)
These articles have reported that the new restaurant is manufactured by the staff's themselves.
BBQ.2002/10/13(Sun)  [Japanese Pages]
 (If our web server's capacity runs short, this page will be eliminated first.)
You can show the photographs of barbecue party in autumn of 2002. This page is with pleasant only them who had the photograph taken.
Contact Us  <We need new comers>
We are looking for new comers as followings.

We want new staffs
Would you join in the staff of our restaurant-bar?
We want new suppliers
We are looking for the wholesale store of foods.
We want new guests
We always welcome you.