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Last modified 23 Aug, 2015

The members of our restaurant are introducing themselves, in this page.
And we intoroduce our graduates to you.

Manager & Chef  "Naoya"


Nice to meet you, I am Naoya.
And I am the manager of True Blue from April 2012.

When you throw darts, you may feel thirsty. Then, leave it to me.
When you throw darts, continually, you may feel hungry. Then, also leave it to me.

If you don't have so much money because you play too much. Please talk about it other than me.
If you don't have time to sleep, when you play to much. Please do something about it in yourselves.

I'll be waiting for gathering too much visitors!!


Chef Naoya

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Crew   "Chika"



Hello, I am Chika. Thanking you in advance.
I always played the darts at Trueblue as a guest.
However, I became a staff from this summer, because I always stay here.

I worked here from August, 2015.
Could you play darts with me?


Maybe Owner   "Satsuki"


Our True Blue was started in summer of 2007.
Then, we transferred its work from Mama (which was the founder of True Blue in 1995).

And, I have troubled about "there are only few visitors" or "shop is so small at the time of darts tournament".

However, I decided that I continue a shop for a while here.
This is the commemorative place of first independent from Mama.


Maybe Owner Satsuki

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