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Last modified 11 Mar, 2018

We introduce the graduates of our restaurant to you.
We are very proud of their smiles.

"Atsu" The Cook of True Blue

"Atsu" already understands advanced magic. The contents of magic are changing "mere foods" to "a very delicious dish."

His magic is carried out in a kitchen, but any guests are not allowed to show his magic. However, all guests could experience his magic foods.

Graduate at the end of October, 2003.

Atsu-san, Shoot the in-bull !!

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Bartendar Lady "Yoshimi"

Yoshimi, Happy Wedding !!

A bartender lady "Yoshimi" would be appeared in counter of True Blue, April "millennium year" 2000. The shaker which she treats is always drawing "the form of the character of 8."

She has received great expectation from both the staff and the visitor. However, "Yoshimi" was graduated from True Blue, at the end of 2001.

Graduated in the end of 2001.

Bartender "Ayumu"

"Why did you choose True Blue as the work place?" "It is because, Andy is always in True Blue, and I can receive the coach of Darts in him!" He declared in these with strong will.

He is our secure friend and the repertory of his original cocktail is also substantial.

In addition, the bartender "Ayumu" is away on "a trip of practice" now.

Graduated in the middle of 2002.

Ayumu-san, What's the your next !?

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The Miracle Bartender "Etsuko"

Etsuko-san, One more wine please !!

"Etsuko" went to see a darts convention on some day. Then, since the participating number was insufficient, the officer demanded to participate in her. Few hours later, she has won the victory.

Unbelievably, she has participated in the convention since the championship, the 1st prize or the 2nd prize was surely gained.

Graduated in the spring of 2003.

New foods investigator "Sakura"

Her first dish was "cream sauce of a mushroom." And, the pasta, omelet and risotto which she made, ware appeared in the counter of True Blue splendidly.

Now, she started to revised the menu book of True Blue. However, seemingly, she will become busy with child-rearing after this.

Graduated at the beginning of 2003.

Sakura-san, what about new items !??

"The Chef" of Garden Place "Mr. Isayama"

Mr. Isayama

I am Mr.Isayama. And am working in the cookroom of Garden Place from this summer (July, 2003).
I have done various work until now. However, I like work of cooking. When I hear the recruiting information of this restaurant, I moved to here, immediately.

To tell you the truth, I had a weak point among the menus of Garden Place, till last month. However, I learned the point the menu from "Atsu", and now, it goes into "my repertory" firmly. I am already OK, completely. I treat you delicious dishes!

Graduated at the spring of 2004.

Proprietress of Garden Place "Emy"

Welcome to Garden Place!! I am Emy.
I have got used to being called a "mama" recently little by little. (Remark from the author: "Proprietress" might be called "mama" in Japanese.)
I am enjoying every day very much, since I having various work also from Yuuki-mama.

However, I often make a small mistake. In some day, the supplier could not be delivered as the schedule. Then, I told the claim to the salesman who was coming to our restaurant. Although I handed him my visiting card then, but, the photograph of my smiling face in it.
I am enjoying every day very much.

Graduated at the end of March, 2005.


In the Garden Place "Yukari"


When I go to True Blue or Garden Plece recently, the persons who were in the front side of the counter may be in the other side. That is, the persons who were the visitors of the restaurant become the staff, or have begun part-time job. And since it has not appeared in a homepage that the people became the staff yet, I am then surprised for the first time.

I also began to work in True Blue and Garden Place of my favorite play spots, this time. Although I was appearing on this homepage at the time of a darts convention, I have appeared also in staff's greeting page at last. Please watch me after this.

Graduated at the end of Spring, 2007.

Recently a cook besides bartender "Takamitsu"

Nice to meet you. I am Takamitsu. I had been knowing Andy through darts for some years before. However, I am anew invited from him and am working in True Blue from this August (2003).

There are various pleasures in True Blue. For example, drinks, dishes, elaborate interior, and darts. I hope to provide "the orthodox pleasure", according to tastefully cocktails.
My visiting card is designed by myself, and I requested manufacture to the craftsman (the author of True Blue's web site). I do the publicity work positively together with this card.
Of course, I also tackled to darts in "the orthodox approach."

Graduated at the end of Spring, 2007.


Manager of True Blue "Ta-Ke"

manager Ta-Ke.


Nice to meet you, I am Ta-Ke.
And I am the manager of True Blue.

Did you know the professional darts player TB-Tak <cky> ? In fact, it indicates myself!!
However, I would like to feel the pleasure of dart games for more people.
So that, we are always preparing environment for thrown happily anytime.

And when I participated the professional games, of course, I want you to taste the powerful charm to see a darts.
This is another me not a manager.

Graduated at Spring, 2012.


Manager & Chef  "Naoya"


Nice to meet you, I am Naoya.
And I am the manager of True Blue from April 2012.

When you throw darts, you may feel thirsty. Then, leave it to me.
When you throw darts, continually, you may feel hungry. Then, also leave it to me.

If you don't have so much money because you play too much. Please talk about it other than me.
If you don't have time to sleep, when you play to much. Please do something about it in yourselves.

I'll be waiting for gathering too much visitors!!

Graduated at end of winter, 2018.

Chef Naoya

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